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Are you trying to get an SBA business loan but you're finding you'd rather stick toothpicks under your eyelids?

For the past eleven years, I have specialized in the financing of one type of business. I know the financing of that type of business in and out. I have done hundreds of millions of dollars of loans on this type of business, so I know my stuff. After two years of commercial lending, I knew I would make more money and be more competent as a specialist than as a generalist. What you are about to read below has been part of my system. You might be thinking that I am creating competitors or losing potential business, but in fact, I am in a small niche so my services and knowledge will always be valuable and needed in my small niche.

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Make no mistake about it. Trying to get an SBA loan today...or any loan for that loan...boat loan, it's all pretty much torture now. Banks have tightened up their lending criteria, not to mention that Uncle Sam has imposed tighter restrictions on Tier 1 Capital Requirements. In bank-ese, that simply means that banks need to keep more money on deposit to lend the same amount of money they used to lend. If the banks assets do not grow, they can't lend as much money as they used to.

So now you're looking to get a loan for your hotel, your restaurant, your veterinary practice, your day care center and where to go? It's not like most banks advertise "Yes, we LOVE to do funeral home loans!" As a matter of fact, many times you will hear a business development officer or account executive at a local bank say "Oh yeah, we'll do your gas station loan!" That's their job. That is how they get business.

Wouldn't you REALLY like to know if they've even done ONE? And when was the last one they did? And how big was the loan?

 SBA business loans

Here's a not so big secret. Go to any bank in the country. Every one of them has a chief credit officer. That credit officer has certain likes and dislikes when it comes to businesses and commercial real estate. EVERY one of them. Some hate gas stations and love restaurants. Some love hotels and hate funeral homes. Regardless, if you have THAT type of business that you are buying, you automatically have the deck stacked against you if the credit officers and/or underwriters and/or business development officers have personal biases against that type of business. The problem is they don't KNOW that business, the in's and out's, so how will they warm up to it? Sometimes they just remember one loan that has gone bad and they have their own personal bias against it. Sometimes underwriters like the deal and not the borrower. Sometimes underwriters like the borrower and not the deal. Your job is to make the underwriters like you AND the deal.

It sure would probably make your job a lot easier if you knew which banks did loans on all kinds of businesses wouldn't it? If you knew that in your State a particular bank lent money to 15 dry cleaners and another bank only lent to one, which bank would you logically go to borrow money from if you were looking to acquire a dry cleaner.

If you said "to the one that lent to one" you probably should forget about going into business.

70000 Loans In 2012

If you haven't figured out by now, we're talking about Small Business Administration loans. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has funded such startup businesses such as FedEx, UPS, Home Depot, etc. I'm sure you've heard of those companies. Even though there is more red tape generally in getting SBA financing, SBA loans usually offer larger advances (Loan To Value / LTV) and longer amortization periods. Many banks like to do SBA loans because the government will guarantee the loans. Many companies purchase the guaranteed portion of the loan (usually around 80%), which frees up capital for the bank to lend more money. The bank continues to service the loan for which they receive a fee and everybody is happy.

The Small Business Administration, through their Freedom Of Information Act request section (FOIA) will make available for a fee quite a bit of information when properly requested. Some of the things they will make available are:

Type Of Borrowing Entity (C,S Corp, LLC)
Date Of Loan
Type Of Transaction (Purchase, Refiinance)
City/State Of Business
Loan Amount
Loan (7 (a), 504)
Loan Amortization
Bank Name
Bank Address


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That's impressive information that you can get from the SBA.

Just think, in five minutes from now, you can be looking at your computer monitor after downloading this valuable information and REALLY find out who is making SBA loans to businesses.

SBA loan spreadsheet

What Can This Info Do For You

I could give you the name of the FOIA officer with his/her email address and phone number, but he/she would REALLY dislike me for doing it. (PS...the last time I did this FOIA request, it took me THREE MONTHS to get this info... feel like waiting?)

I don't know about you, but in today's "microwave" society when we're used to buying and downloading information, music, movies and everything instantly, a few weeks is a long time to wait. $250 is not a huge amount of money to pay, but what if you are looking to buy a shrimp boat business and only two banks lent money to that business, $250 would be quite a bit to pay.

Especially if you could get ALL of the information for a fraction of the cost...instantly... for the unbelievable cost of only $19.95.


Just to give you a small idea of what type of loans you will find in these lists, just look!




assisted care facility financing loans  car wash financing loans  daycare financing loans

dental practice financing loans  funeral home financing loans  gas station financing loans

These are all types of loans. Real estate loans. Business loans. Equipment loans. Working capital loans. Inventory loans. You'll learn and be able to tell which is which in these lists.

Yes, for $19.95, you can find out every loan every SBA lender has done the past year. Every working capital loan. Every equipment loan. Every business only loan. Every real estate loan. Every industry classification they had lent to. EVERY loan. PERIOD. It's actually fairly easy to tell which loans are real estate loans, which are equipment loans and which are working capital loans too by looking at the length of amortization and loan size.

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Here's How Easy It Is To Do A Search!



When you get this information, it will already be pre-sorted out in the most desired categories. States--Dates-- Industry Classifications--Loan Size--Type of Loan--Banks. Just click the tab and go down the list. It can't get any easier to find out who really IS doing SBA loans.

Or you could send the FOIA office at the SBA and you'll probably wait a few months to get the CD. You'll also need to know how to import a .csv file into another compatible format.

We've made it even more convenient for you. We've created twelve separate databases for the businesses that are done the most, i.e. HOTELS/MOTELS, DAY CARE CENTERS, GAS STATIONS/CONVENIENCE STORES, AUTO REPAIR FACILITIES, RESTAURANTS, DENTISTS, CHIROPRACTORS, PHYSICIANS, LANDSCAPERS, BEAUTY SALONS , CAR WASHES AND AUTO LUBES.


300 Megs Of SBA Databases


SBA databases


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It just doesn't get any easier than this.  


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